Real operation environement

ROMEO concepts/tools integrated in O&M information management system will be exhaustively tested in a real operation environment of three multi-scale offshore pilots:

Teesside (UK) – EDF

Wikinger (DE) – IBERDROLA

East Anglia ONE (UK) – IBERDROLA

A global Wind Farm decision

A step-by-step demonstration and validation strategy will be implemented in order to validate the developments as a global Wind Farm Decision Supporting System

  • General Specifications of Test Requirements

  • Real Time Data Integration and Aggregation

  • Verification of Modelling with Operational Data

  • Long Term Test and Testing of Failure Modes Against Modelling

  • Testing the O&M Tool in Operational Environment

  • Testing of Analytics Tool witn O&M Tool

  • Implementation and Validation of Business Process

  • Audit and Review

Teesside (UK)


teesside-wind-offshore-farm Pilot test

Technical & Information

  • Power capacity: 62.1 MW
  • Wind turbines: 27 SIEMENS WTs of 2.3 MW
  • Substructure Type: Monoile (Distance from WP centre to shore: 2.2km, Water depth: 7m-15m)
  • Investment Model: EPC

Wikinger (DE)


wikinger-wind-offshore-farm Pilot test

Technical & Information

  • Power capacity: 350 MW
  • Wind turbines: 70 ADWEN WTs of 5 MW
  • Substructure Type: 4 legs Jacket (Distance from shore: 40km; Water depth: 37m-43m)
  • Investment Owner: Iberdrola

East Anglia ONE (UK)


east-anglia-windfarm- Pilot test

Technical & Information

  • Power capacity: 714 MW
  • Wind turbines: 108 SIEMENS WTs of 7 MW
  • Substructure Type: 3 legs Jacket (Distance from shore: 43km, Water depth: 30m-40m)
  • Investment Owner: Iberdrola

More reliable wind turbines and farms

This concept will be led by WF operators (IBERDROLA and EDF) and is focused on both new and retrofitting market niches.

By rolling the system out to different wind farms, ROMEO will be able to prove portability between projects (offshore and onshore (where applicable)) which shall be required to achieve the overall goal of lowering the cost of wind energy. The action will result in the reduction of component failure in unplanned maintenance and increased reliability, thus the development of innovative solutions and tools shall result in more reliable wind turbines and farms.

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