Wind Europe 2022 – Conferences

Introduction to the ROMEO project and presentation of results. Cesar Yanes, ROMEO project coordinator.

“The importance of both physics and data-driven models for improving maintenance strategies of offshore wind farms”. Sofia Koukoura.

“True Digital Twin technologies to increase lifetime of offshore wind”. Carolin Wendelborn.

“Performance indicator calculation based on State & Event processing”. Moritz Gräfe.

“Optimising availability through time-domain numerical analysis”. Athanasios Kolios.

EUSEW 2021 – Conferences

How R&I in Offshore Wind Technologies contributes towards climate neutrality by 2050?

ROMEO Project, Reliable OM decisions tools and strategies for high LCOE reduction on offshore wind, César Yánes, Iberdrola

WindEurope Offshore 2019 – Conferences

Digitalization concepts to optimize O&M strategies in Offshore Wind Energy

Opening Remarks: ROMEO, Reliable OM decisions tools and strategies for high LCoE reduction on Offshore wind

Session 1: Novel approaches for the diagnosis and prognosis of critical failures affecting offshore wind turbines.

Session 2: Digital twins for structural parts in offshore wind turbines: requirements, challenges and opportunities.

Session 3: Disruptive digitalization concepts: cloud-based ecosystems for O&M optimisation.

Session 4: Development of an open access O&M tool for availability and cost estimation of offshore wind farms.

Analytics based Maintenance for Offshore Wind Turbines

Novel monitoring and control architectures for wind generation management

WESC 2019 – Conferences

Athanasios Kolios (University of Strathclyde): Life cycle cost modelling of next generation offshore wind farms

Simon Siedler (Ramboll): Digital Twins in offshore wind

Ursula Smolka (Ramboll): Definition of a Foundation Monitoring Strategy Based on Criticality

Cristian Rodenas-Soler (Siemens Gamesa): ROMEO: An innovative approach for failure diagnosis and prognosis for offshore wind turbines

Pierre Bousseau (EDF): EDF participation to ROMEO European project Diagnosis and Prognosis Physical and Statistical models

Elena González (Siemens Gamesa): ROMEO: An ambitious project to reduce the cost of offshore wind energy