ROMEO is an industry based consortium made up of 12 recognised and experienced key players from 6 different EU member states and 1 associated country led by IBERDROLA RENOVABLES ENERGÍA. The consortium includes large companies (Electricité De France, Adwen, Siemens Gamesa, RAMBOLL, IBM Research – Zurich, INDRA, BACHMANN Monitoring,), SMEs (LAULAGUN Bearings, UPTIME Engineering and ZABALA Innovation Consulting) and a prestigious university (University of Strathclyde, Glasgow).

Partners have been chosen to cover the whole value chain, constituting an interdisciplinary group of experienced partners, providing of its expertise to cover the different fields required.

adwen-1 Consortium

As an OEM, ADWEN will integrate the O&M improvement solutions built in the WT. The O&M reduction of costs will be put into the design loop since its earliest stages. ADWEN’s capabilities will enforce to focus on: failure modes with high impact in O&M costs, preventing/mitigating the impact of degradation, 3rd generation of condition monitoring for WT, feeding the knowledge of WT into artificial intelligence trainings for a machine learning and technically assessing on how degradation failure modes can lead to life extension.

bachman Consortium

As a long term experienced company in Condition Monitoring Systems, BACHMANN will provide advanced algorithms which are capable of recognising automated gearbox related failures and damages of gears and bearings.

strathclyde-2-300x193 Consortium

University of Strathclyde, Glasgow main role is the assessment of impact and replicability, giving particular emphasis to costs. The methodology will be based in comparing offshore wind cases before and after implementation, and translate these to reduce project risk and O&M costs, through reduction of uncertainty and life time extension.

edf-1 Consortium

EDF, as utility and end-user, will validate the tools developed within the project thanks to a brand new test bench equivalent to a WT prototype. All the results obtained will provide data which will be used to improve and validate models. EDF will also participate in the pilot test validation with Teesside wind farm (UK) in operation since 2013.

iberdrola-1 Consortium

The experience of IBERDROLA as the main wind energy producer worldwide, make the company the best partner to coordinate this proposal. IBERDROLA will be participating in the project as coordinator, leading project management and acting as representative to the EC. IBERDROLA will provide its expertise in O&M in all WPs, supporting project requirements and specifications, supporting development of the tools and providing inputs and expected outputs. Finally, IBERDROLA will lead testing and validation of the tools developed in the project with two wind farms.

ibm-research-1 Consortium

IBM’s role within ROMEO is twofold: (1) to develop the machine learning models to predict WT component failures based on a rich set of historic data and (2) to design and create a reference implementation of the cloud components of the end-to-end Data Acquisition and Analytics Ecosystem that will enable the seamless flow from off-shore WT sensor data to the O&M decision support system for timely and accurate maintenance decisions.

laulagun-1_2-300x193 Consortium

INDRA, an IT leader company, will be involved in the implementation of a novel IT Real Time Data Integration Platform for WT, aligned with the latest industrial Internet of Things initiatives, capable of boosting the real-time and pre-emptive control and coordination capabilities of the future WT. Besides, INDRA will also develop advanced predictive monitoring and performance monitoring analytic functions based on low level granular services hosted on edge devices.

laulagun-1 Consortium

As one of the leading European manufacturers of blade and yaw bearings for the wind energy industry, LAULAGUN will analyse the most critical failure modes of bearings, based on proven sensors. This will allow developing a monitoring solution that captures relevant information from the blade bearing in order to prevent it from failure.

ramboll-1 Consortium

RAMBOLL has unique expertise in structural condition monitoring and life extension in offshore market. RAMBOLL will lead the definition of the structure degradation models and will cooperate with WT machine manufacturer to establish a global failure model. The monitoring results will integrate the data acquisition to be analysed for further processing in the development of an O&M information management platform.

siemens-1 Consortium

As an OEM, SIEMENS will collaborate with input and knowledge sharing on FMECAs on major and minor components related to majority of OPEX. Share preventive maintenance plans as the other main contributor to OPEX. Compare pilot on site with in house OEM set up of CMMS and Technician Mobile Interface.

uptime-1 Consortium

UPTIME will lead the development and demonstration of the Information Management Platform, designed to contribute directly to the optimisation of WT O&M. The main task will be to ensure that the advisory information generated by the overall system is effectively translated into actions within an asset management environment.

zabala-400x258 Consortium

ZABALA innovation consulting will lead dissemination, communication and exploitation tasks defining dissemination plan, preparing a business development plan for all knowledge generated in the project and chairing discussion on IPR strategy. Besides, ZABALA will lead the management office supporting.

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