Improvement and sustainable development are important values for us, values that have made us create a new digital space where stakeholders related to the offshore wind industry can stay informed about the latest news. This website aims to be the main meeting place for the different actors of the industry.

According to our philosophy, we strive to reach high quality results. However, that goal would be impossible to attain without the feedback and opinions of the most active people within the industry. It is due to that reality that the new website will count with several stakeholder satisfaction surveys in order to detect the areas where the project needs to be revamped. In doing so, we have taken into account the most modern and common channels, therefore, all the surveys can be sent out via email, web and social media.

Not only will the social media and digital channels be a vessel for the feedback we need for further improvement, they will also host a wide range of discussions and opinion exchanges aimed to encourage healthy debates about the offshore wind industry.


Just as we have mentioned above, the newsletters will be one of our main communication channels. With them we will update everyone with workshops information, events, initiatives and fairs.

This resource is a way to set a bidirectional conversation with everyone, for only through real feedback we will be able to make of this project a successful case upon which many will look for inspiration.

Events and networking

ROMEO will take into account the opinions and comments of external stakeholder community during the life of the project. All partners will be in charge of collecting this information within the development of EU events (conferences, fairs…) through the fulfilment of specific templates collecting key comments received.

Additionally, questionnaires will be implemented to receive the opinion of stakeholders regarding events offline and online (through the ROMEO´s website).

Find us in Social Media Channels

A ROMEO community is on its way to become a reality. A guild with common interests whose ultimate goal lies in sharing knowledge and achievements in order to improve ROMEO’s performance. Our community’s bustle will take place in our Twitter and Linkedin accounts where interested stakeholders and individuals alike will be able to share and make a good use of the information shared there.

Not only will the raw data be shared in our channels. We want to make an engaging content, something that shows what all the community is working for, and what a better example of that work than the real activities and projects they are involved in. It is for that reason that we will be sharing videos and multimedia content on Youtube and Vimeo.

Registration to events

Among the main tools we will be using, the registration forms for industry events will be a significant element. We aim to gather information about attendees, stakeholders alike while at the same time having a perfect attendance management.