ROMEO’s latest workshops update: FMECA

||ROMEO’s latest workshops update: FMECA

ROMEO’s latest workshops update: FMECA


The objectives are to define failures and components to be analysed in the project, both for the wind turbine and the substructure

As one of the first steps of ROMEO project, FMECA workshops are already ongoing. The objectives of the Failure Mode Effect Analysis Workshops are to define components/failures to be analysed in the project, both for the wind turbine and the substructure. The failure modes that apply for predictive maintenance are identified according to their criticality.

Ramboll is in charge of facilitating all workshops celebrated. Additionally, they will collect and document the expert opinions and information on failure modes and criticality in a unified format.

On the 28th and the 29th of August, a FMECA workshop was held dedicated to ADWEN´s 5 MW turbine at Ramboll premises in Hamburg. Adwen, Iberdrola and Uptime participants included O&M, reliability and design specialists. A follow up session was carried out on the 13th and 14th of September in Ramboll ´s Hamburg premises too.

On the 27th and 28th of September a FMECA workshop dedicated to substructures was held in EDF premises in Paris. Iberdrola, Siemens, EDF participants included substructure designers, O&M specialists and monitoring experts. First day focus was Teesside offshore wind farm monopiles and the second day was dedicated to Wikinger offshore wind farm jackets.

Siemens in currently performing the same process on minor components. Several workshops have been already celebrated while some other will be developed in the coming months. Additionally, a Siemens 7 MW turbine FMECA workshop on major components is scheduled for the coming weeks in Ramboll premises in Copenhague.

The output of this set of workshops lays the basis for validation of technical WPs3 and 4 as well as underlying maintenance strategy required for WP5,6 and 8.


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