The European project participates in the Clustering Meeting on H2020 Wind Energy projects, held in the Belgian capital on the 10th of September

The flagship European project ROMEO continues to have a leading role in important events. The initiative showcased the advances achieved since the project kicked off on the event Clustering Meeting on H2020, organized by the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA) of the  European Commission last 10th of September in Brussels.

The workshop started with the remarks about the policy context and the desired impact of the wind energy projects sponsored by the H2020 programme made by the European Commission experts Henrik Dam, policy officer at the Directorate General for Energy, and Philippe Schild, senior expert of the Renewable Energy Unit for Research & Innovation.

After that the INEA spokesperson made a brief introduction to the workshop and the representatives of the different H2020 projects involved in the event proceeded with their presentations.

César Yanes, ROMEO Project coordinator at Iberdrola, one of the partners of the consortium of the initiative, was in charge of introducing to the audience the main progresses made by the initiative and the initial results collected. He also shared the expected impact and described the major challenges and barriers that lie ahead in the future.

The other projects present at the workshop were: Telwind, CL-Windcon, TotalControl, UPWARDS, PivotBuoy, FLOTANT, COREWIND, Elican, i4Offshore and WinWind.

The session also included a debate on potential synergies and overlaps generated in the framework of the different projects in order to underline the importance of networking and teambuilding.

To close the workshop, the representatives of the different initiatives were distributed in 3 working groups to discuss the opportunities to create partnerships and alliances and shared with the rest of the participants the main outcomes, findings and conclusions.

ROMEO’s presence at the workshop shows the project commitment with the reinforcement of the links with other European projects in the field of wind and renewable energy. In the last ROMEO’s General Assembly, celebrated in Austria last June, the initiative consortium underlined the relevance of interacting with other stakeholders through participation in major events.

This year ROMEO Project has been successfully showcased during different events such as the Wind Europe Conference and Exhibition that took place last April in Bilbao (Spain), the REMS Annual Conference “Optimisation of Offshore Wind Structures”, organized by the University of Strathclyde, and the Wind Energy Science Conference (WESC), a biennial event organised by the European Academy of Wind Energy in the Irish city of Cork.

The project will also have a leading role at the Wind Europe Offshore Conference, that will take place in Copenhagen between the 26th and 28th of November this year.