Iberdrola will participate in a new edition of the World Maritime Week, presenting the main aspects and latest advances of ROMEO project

Iberdrola, coordinator of ROMEO project, will participate in the second edition of the World Maritime Week, the international maritime meeting that will be held from 12th to 14th February in Bilbao Exhitibion Centre (Barakaldo, Spain). Our partner will participate in the event presenting ROMEO project.

The meeting, international reference for the port, naval, fishery and energy sectors, will have international conferences and networking programmes, along with shared areas and activities, such as the exhibition area or the prize-giving ceremony, among others.

The interaction between sectors represents a great opportunity, so the congress will once more attract the leading actors of the maritime industry, who are interested in finding out about the latest technological breakthroughs and seeking new business opportunities.

Teresa Ojanguren (Project Manager of Iberdrola) will take part in the event in the frame of the IV Marine Energy Week the next 13th of February. The session “Technological development projects” will include ROMEO project together with other initiatives focused in the same topic. In this context, Iberdrola will have the opportunity of presenting main aspects of ROMEO. In addition, representatives of the company will show the most relevant advances carried out in the framework of the project, know other innovative projects of the sector and learn of the experience of other important agents.

Iberdrola participates in ROMEO project as coordinator and leading project management, providing its expertise in O&M in all WPs, supporting project requirements and specifications, supporting development of the tools and providing inputs and expected outputs. In addition, Iberdrola will lead testing and validation of the tools developed in the project with two wind farms: Wikinger and East Anglia 1.

About the event

Thanks to its combination of sectors and spaces, and its external projection, World Maritime Week is a unique forum in its field in Europe. Over three days, top representatives will discuss the sector’s most important issues in four fields: naval, fishing, ports and energy

In 2017, the event included the participation of a total of 112 exhibiting firms, over 100 speakers – 50% of which were international – and around 2000 professional visitors.