The new audiovisual piece explains in a close and illustrative way what the project consists of Romeo Project, the European initiative for the development of the offshore industry wind renewable energy, has now his own corporate video, in which is explained in a visual way everything related with it.

The video explain how the project was born from the European Union`s goal that by 2030 the 32% of energy consumption comes from clean sources because of the benefits it has to the environment and populations welfare.

In this context, one of the most powerful clean source to obtain energy nowadays is offshore wind, with a potential capacity to produce 15,8 GW using the huge air currents that are generated in the sea.

One of the main obstacle of this type of energy is the elevate Operations and Maintenance costs. That`s the being reason of this project, to develop techniques and process to reduce the costs and become offshore wind power generation into something viable.

For this purpose, the European Union has granted 10 million euros of the program Horizon 2020, which becomes this project in one of the most ambitious R&D initiative.

Now, from its beginnings at 2017 until its ends at 2022, the consortium of the project will develop solutions as new methods to bootstrap the machine learning models with the engineering models or methods to diagnose and predict failures in wind farms technological systems.

But this is only the opening of this revolutionary adventure to change the present and achieve a better future. If you want to see more press play button and enjoy!