The official initiative’s website hosts a section to share documents and deliverables about the project

In order to impulse the transfer of knowledge and the exchange of points of view, ROMEO Project intends to encourage the participation and the dissemination and communication of the advances achieved in the framework of the initiative through its website.

Specifically, the site provides a section available for everyone that offers interesting scientific documents, deliverables and different kinds of materials to divulge relevant information and to improve networking and the relation with stakeholders.

ROMEO Project is led by a consortium formed by different actors and is backed by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme. For that reason, transparency takes a crucial role in its communication strategy.

The deliverables and scientific documents available in the site are focused on different aspects of ROMEO Project. Nowadays, there are several papers ready to be shared in PDF format. In this section, the Dissemination and Communication strategy for ROMEO project can also be downloaded.

The materials included show a review of existing cost and O&M models, which integrates the proposed model that is being developed in the initiative, and also the orientations for the diagnosis and prognosis of failures and the monitoring technology that is being tested in the project, among others.

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