Task 1.4 partners met in London to progress in the definition of decision trees for establishing RCM in offshore WTs

Partners involved in task 1.4 “Decision tree for design decision and maintenance activities” of ROMEO Project, met in London last 21st of March to make progress in the development of decision trees for the different failure modes identified in previous tasks.

Task 1.4 is part of Work Package 1, which is leaded by Iberdrola and focused on the technical specifications and project requirements. WP1 aims at defining the requirements for the concepts/tools to be developed within the project. It will develop a common framework to ensure the good integration between WPs and end user requirements on the final concepts.

During the meeting in London, the partners have analysed novel approaches for decision trees basing on input from the more mature industries and the needs that are being identified in the FMECA analysis from the ongoing tasks 1.2 and 1.3. In addition, the meeting was a good change to share experiences around ROMEO and to continue working for the success of the project.

The main objective of task 1.4, leaded by Ramboll and composed by Adwen, EDF,  Iberdrola and Siemens, is to achieve translation of asset knowledge into design and maintenance strategy recommendations, suggesting ways to avoid failures in a reliability based design approach and to enhance predictability of failures by detailed analysis of failure mode specific condition monitoring systems. The output of this task will lay the basis for validation of technical WP3 and WP4.

The periodic meetings that are organized within the framework of the project among the participants of the different WPs are essential to guarantee the success of the project, as well as to encourage collaboration and information sharing.