ROMEO Project was present at the VGB association conference “Digitalization in the Wind Industry”, held in Vienna on 23rd and 24th of October

Digital technologies are deeply transforming manufacturing processes, communications, consumer habits and transport, among other sectors. Renewable power generation is not an exception to this revolution. In order to analyze the main challenges this scenario depicts, the technical association of energy plant operators VGB held last week in Vienna the conference “Digitalization in the Wind Industry”, a two day event created to share knowledge about reducing the installation and operation costs of wind power plants, as well as increasing safety and reliability through digital systems.

The European project ROMEO, backed by Horizon 2020 programme, was present at the conference, celebrated on 23rd and 24th of October on Verbund Wind Power headquarters in the Austrian capital.

In the presentations programme, Uptime firm, a ROMEO’s Project partner, shared its vision about the development of algorithms and processes for maintenance optimization in offshore wind energy production with the objective of achieving sustainable costs reduction, performance improvement, risk mitigation and failure minimization.

The enterprise explained also its contribution to the ROMEO initiative, focused on the development and demonstration of an information management platform, designed to contribute directly to the optimization of WT O&M. Uptime experts shared as well the main goals of the project, such us increasing wind farm reliability, decreasing the number of failures leading to downtime, extending the life time of key turbine components or reducing the O&M costs associated to foundation through reduction in jacket substructures inspections.

The VGB association conference was aimed to promote the debate between power plant operators and the different agents involved in the construction and operation of wind energy turbines highlighting the topics, trends, challenges and opportunities arisen in the field of digitalization.

ROMEO’s presence at the conference is part of the project commitment with the reinforcement of the links with the main European actors in the field of wind and renewable energy.