The flagship European initiative will participate in the Austrian Wind Energy Symposium, an event devoted to the latest developments of the sector

One of the most relevant goals for ROMEO Project is to strengthen the links with other partners of the wind energy industry and to contribute in the evolution of the sector. Aiming to support this objective, the initiative will participate in the 2020th Austrian Wind Energy Symposium (AWES), which will take place in Vienna between the 17th and 18th of March.

In this event, Uptime Engineering, one of the partners involved in ROMEO Project, an initiative backed by European Union through its Horizon 2020 programme, will represent the project in the Austrian Wind Energy Symposium.

The event is celebrating its 14th edition and in all these years has turned into one of the most significant conferences about the latest developments in European wind sector. This year the congress will be organized in the Aula of Sciences, located in Vienna.

Regarding the program of the summit, it will be divided by days, focusing the first day on subjects such as climate politics or the impact of global warming. In addition, the second and last day it will offer the opportunity to discuss topics related to the wind energy innovations like the future trends in system monitoring or the digitization in operational management.

This will be a perfect occasion for ROMEO Project (Reliable OM decision tools and strategies for high LCoE reduction on offshore wind) to show its advanced technologies developed to reduce the O&M costs of offshore wind farms.

During this month, ROMEO has been successfully showcased in other event related to the innovations in wind energy sector like the Wind Operations Europe that took place in Munich thanks to the participation of the partner Bachmann Monitoring.

ROMEO’s presence at the conference is part of the project commitment with the reinforcement of the links with the main European actors in the field of wind and renewable energy.