Download ROMEO Brochure

||Download ROMEO Brochure

Download ROMEO Brochure


Just as important as meeting goals and milestones in the project, being informed of everything that’s happening within ROMEO and knowing what it means, makes a difference.

We have created a visually attractive brochure with all the stages of the project: objectives, phases, expected results, locations and partners. Throughout its intuitive structure, it will be possible to know more thoroughly about the technologies we will be using to create the most efficient wind farms, the way and stages at which ROMEO’s resources will be invested on, locations and strategic points to make the most of our technologies, a fully detailed map of all our partners and many other thrilling details that will make their way to ROMEO’s leaflet.

The brochure will be at everyone’s disposal in all the events that showcase ROMEO’s project as well as in networking activities aimed to spread all of our partner’s knowledge and efforts.

Should anyone have problems attending any of these events, our leaflet will be available for download in our website.


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