ROMEO project to launch the 10th of December 2020 the training programme which will be targeted on the research of offshore infrastructures

In its aim to share its knowledge related to the O&M of offshore wind turbines and installations, ROMEO Project will host on the 10th of December a virtual event allowing research organisations to meet the team and provide their input to the project.

Scheduled at 14:00 o’clock (CET) of this day, the session titled “Specifying an integrated data processing platform for optimal O&M of offshore wind turbines”, will have the format of a panel discussion  where the participants will be able to ask their questions to the contributors of the first training session which will be made available online from Monday 7th of December.

The session can be accessed through Zoom application following this link.

This live event will be moderated by Teresa Ojanguren (Iberdrola) and Athanasios Kolios (Strathclyde University) . The following ROMEO partners are contributing to this first session: Cesar Yanes (Iberdrola), coordinator of ROMEO, will introduction the ROMEO project “An ambitious project to reduce the cost of offshore wind energy”; Robert Jones, from ScottishPower Renewables (part of Iberdrola), will introduce what is an integrated data platform; Juan Vivanco, from Minsait INDRA, will discuss the “Challenges for local wind farm data integration and local massive data processing”; and finally  Moritz Gräfe, from UPTIME Engineering, will present the process “From data integration to automated advisory statements”. The training pill videos are available in the YouTube channel of the project to be seen before the workshop in order to engage external stakeholders.

ROMEO Project (Reliable OM decision tools and strategies for high LCoE reduction on offshore wind) is an initiative backed by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme and its consortium is formed by several European partners: Iberdrola, Siemens Gamesa, EDF, RAMBOLL, IBM Research – Zurich, INDRA, BACHMANN Monitoring, LAULAGUN Bearings, UPTIME Engineering, University of Strathclyde and ZABALA Innovation Consulting.